So Where Do We Go From Here?

A quote in Dash’s Rebuilding The Web We Lost article stood out to me from all of these readings/videos. He said, “We took it as a self-evident and obvious goal that people would even want to participate in this medium, instead of doing the hard work necessary to make it a welcoming and rewarding place for the rest of the world.”  I think this speaks to how overwhelming the world of “the web” and all that comes with it really is. How rewarding is it to come to understand through this initiative about how much I still don’t know about the technology that exists and continues to emerge? Is it enough to get curious and engage? I am not sure about the answer(s) to that yet. What I do know is that there is still much to learn, but perhaps I will only want to participate when it is, as Dash said, made a more welcoming place.

Along those lines, I watched 60 Minutes Sunday night, and they did a piece on “data brokers” – companies who collect, analyze, and then package some of our most sensitive personal information and sell it as a commodity. Hearing about this was pretty frightening, and I thought about the connection to how the internet can ultimately be not only unrewarding, but, dare I say, dangerous? Even writing a post puts out personal information. But, I know that in the case of our domains, we want to have them in order to have more control over what is put out on the web for others to use, and perhaps in that way, gain more control over what these data companies “broker”.

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