Why I Don’t Want to Blog

I have been struggling with what to write in a post because once it is out there, it is out there. So, Martha suggested writing about not wanting to write, which I am doing. However, this week, in reading about how to build a personal learning network, I have been thinking about how worthwhile that could be and decided to write a bit about that. I did some searching on interesting blogs, not necessarily work-related, but personal-interest related, and I came across the Laughing Squid. Glad I did! I also decided to follow a work-related twitter account called “Ed Surge”, that I found in a link from an article we needed to read for this coming week. So, I feel that I am beginning to build a personal learning network, though very slowly.

3 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Want to Blog

  1. Good for you for pushing your boundaries here. In some ways I think if you start by following a few blogs from people you admire in your profession you start to get a feel for how you can use it in your own way. Growing a network of people you follow and interact with is definitely a slow process (and organic). By the way I love the theme you’re using!

  2. I, too, struggled with the idea of blogging during the first couple of weeks. I think, in my case, it had a lot to do with not being able to set up a space than the fear of what if it is not good enough. I have made peace with the fact that some of my posts, at least at the beginning, might be nothing more than streams of consciousness. I am banking on Tim’s reassurance that as you blog more, the initial bad ones get buried under the weight of the good posts! You know what that means right – blog early and then blog often.

  3. Great, welcome aboard! I actually didn’t think it would be as hard as it has turned out to be. I have a lot of ideas — all jotted down on little pieces of paper — and it doesn’t seem it should be so difficult to write a few short pieces a few times a week. After all, don’t we write, lectures, exams, essays, etc? I do think there’s something about getting into a rhythm, and once you do, it should be easier. Here’s hoping.

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